Hocus Pocus

By 2167951
  • witches are back baby

    witches are back baby
    The Sanderson sisters were woken by a guy named Max.
  • The spell

    The spell
    cast a spell before their execution that allowed them to return in 1993 after teenager Max Dennison lit the Black Flame Candle during a full moon on Halloween night.
  • The run away

    The run away
    After they did the spell the teenagers ran a far and long as they could.
  • The find

    The find
    evenly they find the teens after chasing them around the town.
  • The lock up

    after they catch them they bring them back to the house.
  • back on the run

    when they escaped the 3 witches found out and were looking all over.
  • The ecsacpe

    when they lock them up they found a way to leave.