History timeline

  • Jun 15, 1215

    magna carta signed

    Was signed by king John on Runnymede. The document protected nobles from arbitrary acts by the king and guaranteed rights.
  • Mayflower compact

    Reinforced the idea that governments are formed by agreement among citizens for their own benefit.Was made at Plymouth rock,
  • English bill of rights

    Signed by William and many of orange. Was a precurser to the English constitution.
  • Stamp act is passed

    The stamp act required that all printed material be stamped. The stamp indicated that the tax had to be paid to the king.
  • The boston tea party

    The boston tea party was due to a protest of a tea monopoly. The tea was tumped in the boston harbor.
  • First continental congress meets

    Resolved to send the first decleration of rights to king george protesting britains actions. They also resolved to boycot british goods.
  • battle of lexington and concord

    Were the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War. Nobody knew which side fired first to start the battle.
  • Decleration of independance is signed

    The Decleration of independance was written largly by Thomas Jefferson. The bulk of the item is a list by list of complainsts against the british government
  • First government under articles of confederation is founded

    The articles of confederation was drafted shortly after the decleration of independance.It was the first consitution fot he united states and was adopted by the 13 states in 1781.
  • Consitution is signed and submitted to state

    The constitution along with the Bill of rights provides a blueprint for the government. The writings of the constitution is based soley in important beleifs, custums and traditions.