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History of YouTube

  • Domain Name

    Domain Name
    On Valentine's Day 2005, three PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim register the domain name History of YouTube
  • Period: to


  • First Video

    First Video
    First Video uploaded featuring YouTube founder Jawed Karim entitled "Me at the Zoo". First Video
  • Beta

    Beta version of YoutTube is launced.
  • YouTube Embeds Enabled

    YouTube enables embeded feature allowing users to share videos on other website.
  • Launch

    YouTube offically launches with approximately 8 million videos watched a day.
  • Filtering & Verfication

    In March 2006, both the content verification and filtering technolgy programs are launched.
  • Video Response

    Video Response
    YouTube unveals new video response feature
  • YouTube Reaches 100

    YouTube reaches 100 million videos viewed per day, and has 65,000 new videos uploaded to the site each day.
  • Google buys YouTube

    Google buys YouTube
    Google acquries YouTube for $1.65 billion in a stock-for-stock transaction. Wordle Wordle Backup
  • Viacom sues YouTube/Google

    Viacom sues YouTube/Google
    Viacom files a 1 billion dollar lawsuit against Google and YouTube alleging that the website had engaged in copyright infringement by allowing thier users to upload material owned by Viacom.
  • RickRoll

    First known instance of a Rick Roll occurs, one of the most popular memes in YouTube's history.
  • YouTube Mobile

    YouTube Mobile
    YouTube Mobile is launched
  • YouTube/CNN Debates

    YouTube/CNN Debates
    YouTube Partners with CNN to hold a Democratic Party that aired from Charleston, South Carolina. The questions from the debates came from the users of YouTube.
  • Queen of England

    Queen of England
    Queen Elizabeth launches her on YouTube channel.
  • YouTube/CNN Debate Part 2

    YouTube/CNN Debate Part 2
    YouTube/CNN team up to hold Republican Party Presidental Debate.
  • YouTube Partners

    YouTube Partners
    YouTube partner program is launched. This allows users who reach a big enough following to partner with youtube to potentially earn money.
  • 10 Hours of Video

    10 Hours of Video
    YouTube becomes so popular that ten hours of new video are uploaded each minute.
  • 13 Hours

    13 Hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute
  • Annotations

    Annotation feature added which allows uploaded to add notes on thier video.
  • Captions

    YouTube adds caption feature that transcribes the audio from the video into an on screen text.
  • 15 Hours

    15 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • YouTube HD

    YouTube HD
    YouTube allows users the option to watch and upload videos in 720p HD.
  • President+Congress

    US President and Congress YouTube Channels launched
  • YouTube wins Peabody

    YouTube wins Peabody
    YouTube wins a 2008 Peabody Award for being "a 'Speakers' Corner', where users can upload, view and share clips, that promotes democracy. Peabodys are awarded for distinguished public service by radio and television stations, networks, producing organizations and individuals.
  • Twenty Hours

    YouTube reaches twenty hours of new content uploaded to the site each minute.
  • 3D

    Videos can now be watched in 3D.
  • One Billion Views

    One Billion Views
    YouTube reaches 1 billion views per day.
  • Live Concert

    Live Concert
    U2 streams a live concert for free through YouTube
  • Rentals

    YouTube rentals is launched allowing users to rent and watch full lenth movies off the website.
  • 24 Hours

    24 Hours of video uploaded per minute on the site.
  • Two Billion

    Two Billion
    YouTube reaches milestone of two billion views per day.
  • YouTube v Viacom Update

    YouTube v Viacom Update
    Judge Louis Stanton ruled in YouTube/Google's favor citing that they were protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Safe Harbor provision.
  • Hurley Steps Down as CEO

    Hurley Steps Down as CEO
    YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley steps down as CEO; Salar Kamangar named new CEO
  • Google+

    Google+ is integrated directly with YouTube and the Google Chrome allowing YouTube videos to be viewed from within the Google+ interface
  • Stat Update

    Stat Update
    60 Hours of video are uploaded every minute(1 per Second)
    4 billion videos are viewed a day
    In 2011, YouTube had over 1 trillion views which is equivalent to 140 per person on Earth Viral Video Update
  • YouTube v Viacom Update 2

    YouTube v Viacom Update 2
    In the U.S. Court of Appeals Judges José A. Cabranes and Debra Ann Livingston overturned the previous decision on the case stating that YouTube/Google abused the safe harbor defense.