History of Veterinary Medicine

  • Veterinary Profession

    Veterinary Profession
    A man by the name of Claude Bourgelat explored his interest in animals and it led him to many great things for the industry. Claude founded the first veterinary school in Lyons, France. This was the start of the veterinary industry.
  • First American Practice

    First American Practice
    A man named Charles Clark was the first known man to open a working practice in the United States.
  • First United States Veterinary School

    First United States Veterinary School
    The first official school was opened in France almost a hundred years before the first United States veterinary school was opened. The Veterinary College of Philadelphia was the first to open in the U.S.
  • American Veterinary Medical Association

    American Veterinary Medical Association
    This is the year that the American Veterinary Medical Association was created. This organization is a non-profit organization that advocated for over 95,000 veterinarians.
  • Aleen Isobel Cust

    Aleen Isobel Cust
    Aleen was identified as the first ever female in the veterinary profession. She began her career in Ireland, doing animal surgeries, and was recognized by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.
  • Vaccines

    Throughout the year new discoveries and medicines were founded and are still used today. By this year veterinary medicine created vaccines. The first vaccines introduced were the anthrax vaccine and the rabies vaccination.
  • Augustus Nathaniel Lushington

    Augustus Nathaniel Lushington
    Augustus was a graduate from the Veterinary University of Pennsylvania, and was the very first African American vet.
  • Care for Dogs and Cats

    Care for Dogs and Cats
    Vets added dogs and cats to their specialty because they were in a decline. Now this is the main practice in veterinary medicine today.
  • Farm Animals are Treated

    Farm Animals are Treated
    British officials decided that other than just caring for horses, vets should also treat and specialize in treatment for farm animals.
  • Veterinarians are equal

    Veterinarians are equal
    Vets are finally recognized as a actual medical profession. They are viewed equal to doctors and nurses.
  • Women in Veterinary Medicine

    Women in Veterinary Medicine
    Mary Knight Dunlap was the founder of the Association of Women Veterinarians. This was a group that was created to support, help, and provide educational opportunities for women interested in veterinary degrees.
  • Luke Gamble

    Luke Gamble
    The first famous vet to travel around the world just to care and treat animals that need help. He also documented the whole trip and all the animals that he treated.