History of the Written Word

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  • 5,000 BCE

    Importance of the Written Word (date not important)

    The written word is very important. It is a form of communication, and it has many uses. Being able to write and understand writing is a necessity to thrive in the world. It is needed in all forms of work and activities. We are blessed to live in such a good part of the world that teaches us how to read and write. This really helps up be able to survive, and it gives us access to so many opportunities that not everybody has. Cont. On Next Event.
  • 3,000 BCE


    Egyptians created hieroglyphics. As you can see by the time this was created, it was around the time Cuneiform was invented. Hieroglyphics were more advanced. Hieroglyphics were written on smooth paper.
  • 2,250 BCE

    Mesopotamia Part 2

    Mesopotamia Part 2
    The earliest known poet was Enheduanna. She used the written word to record prayers for her goddess.
  • 1,600 BCE


    Around this time, China created a form of character writing. Amazingly, this writing is still used today. They used and use this writing to communicate and to trade. This was very helpful because they didn't all speak the same language but they could read this writing. This enabled all the people to talk and understand each other.
  • -800 BCE


    Around this time, Greece created the Phoenician writing system. This used the alphabet with add vowels as well. A bunch of the historic greek writing we say came from this writing system and era.
  • -700 BCE

    Roman Empire

    Roman Empire
    During this time the Roman Empire turned the alphabet into the root language of Latin. This written language was used by many people. Most of Europe and lots of parts around the world used this written word system.
  • 1300

    Native Americans

    Native Americans had their own form of writing and communication. They had their own language as well as their own way to write. They wrote small pictures of things to communicate as well as other functions.
  • 1440

    Invention of the Printing Press

    Invention of the Printing Press
  • Invention of the Typewriter

    Invention of the Typewriter
  • Invention of the Stenograph Shorthand Machine

    Invention of the Stenograph Shorthand Machine
  • Invention of the First Computer

    Invention of the First Computer
  • Writing Today

    Writing is used basically everywhere. It is used in schools, technology, entertainment, sciences, etc. Writing makes everything easier. Communication is simple and easy. Without writing everything would be so difficult and it would be hard to send messages to others. Writing is also so easy now as it has evolved so much and is now easier than ever in my opinion.
  • The Future of Writing

    To me, I think the actual handwriting will die. I think in the future nobody will ever use pens and notebooks. Signatures will be switched to just on devices. I don't know if I would consider writing on a device handwriting but I think it can be debated. But nothing will ever be written down on paper. Everything will be switched to being electronic. I don't know how far in the future this will happen. This may be a sad prediction but I think it is very possible that it will happen.
  • North America (date not important)

    The English had a huge influence on the Americas. They were discovered by England so they influenced North America a lot. They brought over the English language and writing. The alphabet they use is the one we still use today although the words are spelled a little differently. The English impacted North America greatly.
  • Mesopotamia

    The first writing system was cuneiform. This was invented by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Cuneiform was used for communication for trade between cities. The different marking on the tablet is how they are known and understood. To write on this clay they would first take a piece of wet clay. Then they would write on it with a reed of grass and let it dry. This way the writing would stay. 3500 BC - 3000 BC
  • Benefits of Writing

    -Makes Learning Visible
    -Preserves memories
    -form of entertainment
    -express creativity
    -express personality
    -easier to learn
    -recording things that happen for others to know
    -write down ideas
    -figure out calculations
    -helps to understand things easier
    There are infinite benefits of writing.
  • Importance of the Written Word Part 2 (Date not important)

    Writing is also very helpful in learning new information. Studies have shown that writing things down helps the mind retain new information easier. Writing is very important in how people communicate and record things that happen.
  • Technologies Impact (Date not Important)

    Technology has been very influential in todays writing. It has changed the way that we write and communicate. Instead of sending letters we send emails or texts to talk to someone. Technology has also made it quicker to send and receive messages. Earlier it might have taken days to receive a message but now you can receive it in seconds. Technology is now used to write and record information. Technology has had a huge impact on how we write today.
  • Period:
    -400 BCE

    American Script

    The Maya were one of the first Central American civilizations to use writing. This writing was used for many things. It was used for recording history as well as calculations that were recorded for the calendar and astrology. These hieroglyphs are still very hard to understand today and we are still working on decoding them.
  • Period:


    Writing was being printed during this time period. People were now able to print what was written instead of having to handwrite it. Printing is used every day today and is very helpful as you can print almost anything.