History of the Telephone

Timeline created by daniel.wilmore
  • Invention of the telephone

    Invention of the telephone
    In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell made the first call on his telephone saying "Mr. Watson come here! I want to see you!". Antonio Menunci developed the voice communicating apparatis for the telephone. Alexander Graham bell was also the first to patent the telephone which credits hiom with the invention of the telephone. sources:
  • First rotary dial telephone invented

    First rotary dial telephone invented
    *exact date not specified*
    in 1889 the rotary dial telephone was invented by Almon B. Strowger. Strowger was an undertaker. The first dial exchange was installed at la Porte Indiana in1892. Rotary phones where the first types of phones to be mass produced. This phone let you call other people with phone without using the operator. Source:
  • The first cell phone is invented

    The first cell phone is invented
    This picture is one of the first cell phones held by their inventor Martin Cooper. in 1973 Martin Cooper invented the first cell phone. He was a Motterola employee at the time. This made moterrola the first company to produce the cell phone. The first call on the device was made to bell Labs by Martin Cooper himself. Source:
  • The invention of the flip phone

    The invention of the flip phone
    The first flip phone was made in 1996 by Dr. Cooper. This is the same cooper who invented the first cell phone. Again moterolla was the first to sell this product.The first cell phone was called the Moterolla StarTec. The flip phones where also called clamshell phones by many people. Source:
  • The first iPhone

    The first iPhone
    The first iPhone was introduced june 29 2007. It was invented by Steve Jobs and a team of apple employees. This put us into the age of touchscreen smartphones being a must. At that point it was all about making the ohones small and now its about making them as big as possible because of the iPhone. Source: