History of the Telephone- 1960-1980

  • Princess Phone

    Princess Phone
    SourceThe princess phone was made in the 1950s, but was super popular in the 1960s.The Princess phone was made of hard plastic.The phone also comes in different colors such as: white, pink, light beige, light blue, turqoise, green, gray, yellow, balck, ivory, red, and clear. The Bell Telephone Company made the Princess phone. ( Not the real date)
  • The Push- Button

    The Push- Button
    sourceThe Push-Button is also known as the touch-tone. It had a 10 button grid, and it replaced the rotary dial.j The Bell Telephone Company made the push-button. (not real date)
  • Trimline

    SourceThe Trimline was the first popular residential phone with dialing. The phone was curvy and comfortable to hold. (not real date)
  • The First Cordless Phone

    The First Cordless Phone
    sourceDoug Talley and Duane Gregory made the first cordless phone. The cordless phone works like a two-way radio. Many homes still use it today. (not real date)
  • Empress Telephone

    Empress Telephone
    AT-T made the Empress Telephone. It came with the rotary or push-button dial. Usually trimed with gold colored brass. ( not real date)
  • First Mobile Phone

    First Mobile Phone
    sourceMotorola made the first mobile phone. The first mobile phone less than 100 pixels on its screen. The first phone call was made April 3, 1973. (actual date)
  • Mickey Mouse Phone

    Mickey Mouse Phone
    sourceThe Bell Systems made the Mickey Mouse phone.It was first was developed as a rotary phone. Mickey's arm held the reciever. (not real date)
  • Airfone

    GTE made the Airfone. It was an air to ground telephone service. It was in airplanes. (not real date)