History of the T.V.

Timeline created by Ann Knecht
In History
  • Mechanical T.V.

    Mechanical T.V.
    Mechanical T.V. link This was invented by John Logie Barid.
  • The first T.v.

    The first T.v.
    The first T.V. The first t.v. 12-14 inches and didn't have a perfect square screen.
  • Terrestrial T.V.

    Terrestrial T.V.
    Terrestrial T.V. The Terrestrial T.V. is a type of television broadcasting in which the television signal is transmitted by radio waves to the TV receiver from a terrestrial transmitter, a television station, and a receiver with an antenna, (pic of the antenna.)
  • The first color T.V.

    The first color T.V.
    Color T.V The first color t.v had a 15 inch screen.
  • Flat screen

    Flat screen
    Flat screen t.v. AKA- Flat panel display.
  • 3D T.V.

    3D T.V.
    More about the 3D T.V.Need special glasses to see it in 3D. The first design was a very bad quality one.
  • Satellite television

    Satellite television
    Click for some more on this T.V.The satellite t.v. picks up a satellite from a dish on your roof.
  • Internet T.V.

    Internet T.V.
    Internet T.V. It is also, sometimes know as the Web T.V. The system that transmits content to the consumer has several elements
  • Smart T.V.

    Smart T.V.
    [Smart T.V.}(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_TV)A smart T.V. that has an integrated Internet and 2.0 Web tool features
  • Cable T.V.

    Cable T.V.
    More about the Cable T.V.They use a radio frequency.