History of the Sheikhs

By jarahim
  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Thani

    Shaikh Mohammed takes over
  • Sheikh Thani bin Mohammed

    In 1850 he moved the Al-Thani family to Qatar
    Unknown Date
  • Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed

    Sheikhs Jassim takes over
  • Defeat of Ottomans

    Sheikh Jassim defats Ottomans in Al-Wajba battle
  • Shiekh Abdallah bin Jassim

    Sheikhs Abdallah becomes the new Sheikh
  • Peace Treaty

    Sheikh Abdallah signs peace treaty with Britain
  • Sheikh Ali bin Abdallah

    Sheikh takes over rule in Qatar
  • Oil Shipment

    The first oil shipment was shipped ind uner the rule of Sheikh Ali
  • Qatar Oil Company

    Qatar made an agreement with Iraq Oil Company (Now Qatar Oil Company)
  • Acomplishments of Sheikh Ali

    The Ministry of Education and Dar al Kotab national ibrary were oponed under his rule
  • Sheikh Ahmed bin Ali

    Sheikh Ahmed takes over
  • Ministry of Finance

    Sheikh Ahmed establishes Ministry of Finance
  • Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad

    HE takes over Qatar
  • GCC

    Skeikh Khalifa helps establish the GCC
  • Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa

    Sheikh Hamad took over as the new Sheikh. He was the first Qatari to take over Commander in Cheif of the Qatar Armed Forces
  • Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa

    Sheikh Tamim beomes the new ruler. He is our current Sheikh