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History of the Motion Picture Camera

By dchuma
  • Zoetrope

    The Zoetrope was invented by William George Horner in 1834. It was a bowl-like circle with changing pictures so as you spin it, it looks like the pictures are moving. Citation: Timeline: 1827-1887. (n.d.). Retrieved October 2, 2012, from
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    History of the Motion Picture Camera

  • Cinematographe

    The Cinematograph was invented by Louis Lumiere in 1895. It was the first invention that could take video onto film, process the film, and project it from the machine. Citation: The History of the Motion Picture. (n.d.). Inventors. Retrieved October 2, 2012, from
  • Agfa Movex 8

    Agfa Movex 8
    One of the first home video cameras that the public could buy. It was released in 1939. In the late 1930s and early 1940s they were a common sight at parties or family events. The video was recorded onto film strips which would have to be developed professionally so they could be viewed through a projector. Citation: Agfa. (n.d.). Agfa. Retrieved October 7, 2012, from
  • Sony Betacam

    Sony Betacam
    The Sony Betacam, released in 1982, was a revolution in the media world, particularly in the television industry. For the older cameras used for TV and Film, the large cameras would have to be plugged into a separate recorder that would record the images seen by the camera. The Betacam, however, recorded straight on to tapes in camera so there was no need for an external recorder. Citation: Betacam. (2012, July 10). Wikipedia. Retrieved October 7, 2012, from
  • Panasonic DVC Pro HD

    Panasonic DVC Pro HD
    The Panasonic DVC Pro HD series was released in early 2000. It was one of the first High definition consumer cameras that recorded digitally onto SD Cards instead of tape. Citation: Camcorder. (2012, April 10). Wikipedia. Retrieved October 8, 2012, from
  • RED Epic

    RED Epic
    The RED Epic is currently considered by many to be one of the best and most advanced cameras on the market. The industry standard for Film is currently 24 frames per second (fps) at 1080p, which is standard HD footage. The Epic, however can shoot up to 90fps at 5k, or five times the resolution of HD, and up to 300fps at 2k, or twice the resolution of HD making it one of the most versitile and high defenition cameras ever.