History of The Liquid-Fueled Rocket and Its Space Application

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    Robert H. Goddard

  • Period: to

    Wernher von Braun

  • Robert Goddard

    Robert Goddard
    Robert Goddard launches the first liquid fueled rocket from a farm field in Auburn, Massachusetts.
  • V-2

    Wernher von Braun and his team launch the first V-2 rocket from
    Peenemünde. It flies approximately one mile before crashing into the water.
  • Sputnik

    USSR launches the first man-made satellite atop the Sputnik Rocket a derivitive of Soviet ICBM technology.
  • Saturn V

    Saturn V
    Apollo 4 lifts off the pad at 7:00am EST, the first flight of the new Saturn V designed by Von Braun and his team. The launch is a total success.
  • Period: to

    Elon Musk

  • Falcon 1

    Falcon 1
    Space X develops and launchs the first privately funded orbital rocket.