History of the Gameboy

  • Game boy

    This is the first game boyeverinvented in black and white
  • Period: to

    History of the game boy

  • Game boy pocket

    A video game that is smaller and easy to carry around
  • Game boy colour

    A video game that has colour
  • Game boy advance

    Easier to press the button with color
  • Game Boy Advance SP

    A portable small easy to carry around with a lot more battery in it
  • Nintendo DS

    The first Nintendo that has a Gameboy side and a Ds side for both games
  • Game Boy Micro

    The last of the Gameboy kind which is easy for grip and has all of the function as all of the other game boys into one
  • Nintendo DS lite

    A easier better higher definition ds
  • Nintendo dsi

    There a camera in this ds and able to use something like photo booth
  • Nintendo dsi xl

    This is extra large Ds which has a bigger screen and can also take pictures