History of the camera

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    history of camera

  • Box cameras

    Box cameras were put on the market in 1901. They were very common and lots of people owned one as they were sold for only about one pound.
  • The midg

    this camera was made from glass plates. There are 12 plates and this helped to make the picture
  • Thornton pickard double extension Quarter plate camera

    An English mahogany and brass, double extension field camera with thornton pickard
  • Richards, Vera cope stereoscopic camera

    This is a French stereoscope camera. It has two lenses and works on both
  • Ica

    The Ica is German constructed appeared in around the 20s
  • Ensign E39 box camera, 129 roll film

    these box cameras were made for taking countless family pictures
  • Fed 1 commander, 35mm, rangefinder camera

    This is one of the first portable cameras made in Russia in 1934 then came out in the 1940s
  • Ilford, advocate II, 35mm wide angled camera

    This is one of the first wide angled camera and Is a newer model of a portable camera
  • KMZ, Zenit-E, 35mm SLR camera

    This camera was very common in the 70s it was very cheap and could be found anywhere
  • Fuji film X100

    Is the newest camera and can take videos + pictures of over 1000