History of the

  • The Bet

    the first film was created becuase of a bet that a horse at one point in his run all hoves are off the ground
  • one man theater

    the first theaters were one man and only one man could whatch a movie by there self this was made by tomas edison who also made the projector but didnt przent it to the world so ha could make a little more money but then some people in franche made and prezented it to the world
  • first multi people theater

    the first one was like 30 seconds long and showed a train coming at the screen and it scared every body and there were some people to get out of the way
  • Nickelodeon

    the first films were just shot videos and showed something like a kid puting is hand in a fish bowl trying to catch a fish and then people would come out on the stage and sing and dance till they got booed of the stage and an other group would get on the stage and they started to call them nickelodeon and that is where the chanle name came from and this was chosen becuase it was only a nickle to whatch
  • first movie and the M.P.P.C.

    the first movie was called the great train robery and was only 12 min long and then that was long and it was created by tomas edison and he created the M.P.P.C. or motion picture patin company and they own everything movie and if you tryed to make movies be hind their back they would shut you down which is why they when to holly wood not only becuase of the wheather but also the edison and holly wood was close to mexico so if edison was coming then they would pack up their stuff and go to mexico