History of the Mobile Phone

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  • Michael Faraday and conduct electricity

    Michael Faraday and conduct electricity
    In 1843, Michael Faraday and his peers started researching the possibility that space can conduct electricity. As this idea was well before the advancements of the time, these visioneers and their ideas were laughed at.
  • Mahlon Loomis and wireless communications

    Mahlon Loomis and wireless communications
    In October 1866 Dr Mahlon Loomis, an American dentist, claimed he had transmitted wireless communications between two mountain tops 14km apart. He did this by using two kites at either point and copper wires and screens connected to the ground.
  • Nathan B. Stubblefield and his wireless telephone

    Nathan B. Stubblefield and his wireless telephone
    Nathan B. Stubblefield was a American inventor and melon farmer who invented a wireless electromagnetic induction telephone in 1892, and first demonstrated the prototype in 1903. His invention saw that a mobile phone was essentially a high tech radio.
  • WWI and its use of wireless communications

    During World War 1, the armys used field telephones and wirless communications pioneering wireless communications and its use in battle.
  • Police using mobile devices

    Police in Michigan in Detroit are the first to install mobile radios in their patrol vehicles. Experienced difficulties with interference and overcrowding of the channels.
  • First mobile radio telephone service

    The first 6 channel mobile-radio-telephone service developed in St Louis Mississippi by Motorola and Bell system. Equipment was not the most sucessful due to interference on channels.
  • A-Netz Launched

    Germany's first mobile communications network is launched in the country in 1958.
  • System 1 Launched

    System 1, the UK's first mobile communications network was launched.
  • Dr Martin Cooper and DynaTAC

    Dr Martin Cooper and DynaTAC
    Dr Martin Cooper, an American inventor, publicly displayed for the first time the DynaTAC- the first ever portable mobile phone. It was launched whilst he was working at Motorola. This generation of mobile networking was called 1G.
  • 2G Launched

    2G, the advanced standard Global System for Communications was launched in Finland. It was the replacement for the orginal 1G network.
  • 3G launched

    The first commercial launch of the 3G network was launched in October 2001. It was orginally released in 1998 however was not broadly avaliable.
  • First Generation of iPhone launched

    First Generation of iPhone launched
    The first generation of iPhone was launched. The invention of the iPhone was led by Steve Jobs. As of April 2015, the sixth generation of the iPhone is the best selling phone on the current market, with the 6 Plus and 5S versions of the iPhone also appearing in the top ten.
  • 4G launched

    The 4G network was launched in 2008, as the replacement to the 3G network. It took several years for the 4G to roll out worldwide.