History of Telecommunications in the United States

By brittkw
  • Alexander Graham Bell invents the Telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell invents the Telephone
  • First telephone Yellow Pages directory

  • First coin-operated Telephone installed

  • First dial phone in the U.S.

  • The first "official" coast-to-coast call was made from New York City to San Francisco

  • First president of the United States with a phone on his desk

  • Field tests for the first pagers began in Allentown and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

  • First phone with a lighted dial was introduced and Phones became a part of American pop culture

  • The first touch-tone telephones with 10 buttons were test-marketed

  • Telephone hotline was established between the White House and Kremlin following the Cuban Missile Crisis

  • 911 was chosen as the nationwide emergency number

  • First e-mail message sent

  • First cellular phones are sold

  • Caller ID introduced which became a popular add-on feature

  • World Wide Web was born and internet connections were received through phone lines

  • The 'Web Phone' was sold, which combined traditional phone with the feature of surfing the internet and checking e-mails

  • The 'Thin Phone' was sold, this intergrated wireless internet access with local wireless phone sevice

  • Period: to

    'Information Applications' made internet mobile, wireless, internet on the TV, voice-activaed dialing and much more