History of Special Education

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In History
  • Baliff v. Tipping

    A writ of error must have a citation.
  • Nathan v. State of Louisiana

    THIS case was brought up from the Supreme Court of the state of Louisiana, by a writ of error issued under the twenty-fifth section of the Judiciary Act
  • Ames V State of Kansas

    Each of these writs of error brings up for review an order of the circuit court remanding a case to the state court from which it had been removed, and the two cases may properly be considered together.
  • Burr V. Massachussets school for the freebie Minded

    The provision of R L. c. 6, § 77, that "Officers or agents who contract in behalf of the Commonwealth for the construction or repair of public buildings or other public works
  • Irving Independent v. Tatro

    This suit was brought on behalf of a student who needed catheterization every couple of hours because of spina bifida
  • Westside Community Schools v. Mergens

    public secondary school that receives federal financial assistance, permits its students to join, on a voluntary basis, a number of recognized groups and clubs, all of which meet after school hours on school premises
  • Bush V. AL GORE

    he Supreme Court of Florida ordered that the Circuit Court of Leon County tabulate by hand 9,000 ballots in Miami-Dade County. It also ordered the inclusion in the certified vote totals of 215 votes identified in Palm Beach County and 168 votes identified in Miami-Dade County for Vice President Albert Gore, Jr., and Senator Joseph Lieberman, Democratic Candidates for President and Vice President

    Several benefits attend this school-approved status, including the use of school funds, facilities, and channels of communication, as well as Hastings' name and logo. In exchange for recognition, RSOs must abide by certain conditions
  • Phyllene W V. Hunstville City (Al) Board of Education

    Plaintiff, Phyllene W., filed this case on August 28, 2013, asserting claims as the mother and next friend of M.W., a minor, against the Huntsville, Alabama, Board of Education ("the Board"), pursuant to the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, 20 U.S.C. §1400 et seq. ("IDEA"), and the Alabama Exceptional Child Education Act, Ala. Code § 16-39-1 et seq. Specifically, plaintiff appeals under IDEA from an administrative due process hearing decision
  • Analysis of L.H v. Hamiliton County Department of Education

    Before the Court are motions to dismiss filed by Defendants Hamilton County Department of Education ("HCDE") and Tennessee Department of Education ("TDOE") (collectively "Defendants") (Court File Nos. 34, 37).1 Plaintiffs L.H. ("L.H.") and his parents, G.H. and D.H. (collectively "Plaintiffs") responded opposing Defendants' motions to dismiss (Court File Nos. 40, 44) and Defendants replied (Court File Nos. 41, 46).