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    soccer first played in china

    One of the earliest forms of soccer in which players kicked a ball around on a small field has been traced as far back to 1004 B.C. in Japan. The Munich Ethnological Museum in Germany has a Chinese text from approximately 50 B.C. that mentions games very similar to soccer that were played between teams from Japan and China. The Chinese kicked a leather ball ( hair-filled ) and it is known with certainty that a soccer game was played in 611 A.D. in the then Japanese capital, Kyoto. Read more:
  • soccer in america

    soccer in america
    soccer in americaVarious forms of soccer-style games have been around since Roman times, and the United States was the first British colony to start playing soccer-style games. Some form of football was played in the Colonies as far back as the establishment of the original Jamestown settlement in 1609. The rules are unclear, but they most likely resembled the sprawling Shrovetide games then popular in England. It was soon banned by ordinance as a reputed bad influence, and for the next two centuries appeared on
  • soccer in england

    soccer in england
    englandAssociation football is a national sport in England, where the first modern set of rules for the code were established in 1863, which were a major influence on the development of the modern Laws of the Game. With over 40,000 association football clubs, England has more clubs involved in the code than any other country.
  • when was soccer invented?

    when was soccer invented?
    soccerRecords trace the history of soccer back more than 2,000 years ago to ancient China. Greece, Rome and parts of central America also claim to have started the sport, but it was England that transitioned soccer, or what the British and many other people around the world call “football,” into the game we know today. The English are credited with recording the first uniform rules for the sport, including that tripping opponents and touching the ball with hands was forbidden
  • soccer in mexico

    soccer in mexico
    soccer in mexicoThe history of soccer in Mexico doesn't have the same starting point as in many other Central and South American countries such as Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, to name some of the most important in the area. However, the passion for soccer in Mexico started to bloom a few years prior to the first World Cup in 1930, with a professional championship being formed and the first national selection in the history of Mexican soccer history occurring in 1927
  • the history of soccer in mexico

    the history of soccer in mexico
    The Aztecs and Toltecs played a game similar to soccer, during which they tried to throw a ball through a ring attached to a wall. The modern game of soccer was brought to Mexico by English settlers, and the first soccer club was established in the country by the early 1900
  • where was soccer invented

    where was soccer invented
    soccer Soccer was first developed in England in the 19th century. In 1904 the Federation International de Football Association, or FIFA was founded. (Soccer is called Football in some other countries.) Chinese, Greek, Mayan, and Egyptian ancient societies show that kicking games were played in those cultures. The best soccer player was Pele. His real name is Edson Arantes Do Nascimento. The Soccer Industry Council of America guessed that more than 13,000,000 boys and girls under 18 years old played soc
  • the rules of soccer

    the rules of soccer
    rules of soccerthe rules of socccer was created in 1891-1998.
    For example, the penalty kick was introduced in 1891.
    FIFA becomes a member of the International Football Association Board of Great Britain in 1913. Red and yellow cards were introduced during the 1970 World Cup finals. More recent major changes included when goalkeepers were banned from handling deliberate back-passes in 1992 and when tackles from behind became red-card penalties in 1998.
  • how world cup works

    how world cup works
    how world cup worksSoccer could reinforce the ideals of a permanent and real peace", as he pushed to organize an international event that would make no discrimination on the grounds of professional or amateur status. As his words were spoken the plans for a world tournament involving all of the federations was being planned for the coming 3 to 4 years. Along with the help of 5 other officials, Rimet organized the event for 1930. Via congressional meetings of the World Football Federation the semantics for the tour
  • world cup

    world cup
    soccer ball
    This leather football was used in the final match and taken by an Uruguayan team player. It may have even played a part in the outcome of the first world cup in 1930. Argentina and Uruguay could not agree on which ball to use. So they decided to use an Argentinean ball the first half and a ball supplied by Uruguay the second half. As it turned out, Argentina was ahead at halftime 2-1. However; Uruguay came back to win the match in the second half 4-2 using their ball!
  • number of players in the field

    number of players in the field
    [number of players](http:////wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_players_are_on_the_field_for_each_soccer_team_and_what_positions_are_they)
    11 players. One is a keeper, 3 or 4 are defenders (different types of defenders a team may have are fullbacks, stoppers and sweepers), 3 or 4 midfielders (different types that some teams have are right or left outside, defensive midfielder, offensive midfielder, right center, left center, and center), and 2 or 3 forwards (right, left, and sometimes center).
  • winners of first world cup

    winners of first world cup
    winnersTwo teams remained to complete the final 13 for 1930, Mexico and the United States. The U.S. was utilizing a heavily Scottish roster for the event.In the end it was Uruguay battling Argentina for the cup. Victory and the first world cup went to Uruguay as they beat the Argentineans 4 to 2.
  • soccer shoes

    adidas1920s. Adolf (Adi) Dassler, a German shoe factory worker, and his brothers started making spiked shoes for olympic track and field events. In 1948, Adi and his brothers went separate ways, and he started a company called Adidas. In 1949, Adi made the first soccer shoe with rubber studs or cleats.
  • why mexico was the last place?

    why mexico was the last place?
    During its first World Cup in 1930, Mexico finished in last place. After this, Mexican soccer experienced problems, such as poor training conditions and corruption. During the five World Cups it participated in before 1970, the team only won one tournament, in 1962. Despite the poor performance by the team, soccer was popular among adolescents and older athletes in Mexico
  • MIa Hamm

    MIa Hamm
    mia hammSoccer player. Born Mariel Margaret Hamm on March 17, 1972 in Selma, Alabama. Largely considered the best female soccer player in history, Hamm played with the United States women's national soccer team for 17 years, building one of the biggest fan bases of any American ahtlete. She was named FIFA World Player of the Year in both 2001 and 2002
  • 2002 world cup

    2002 world cup
    brazilThe 2002 FIFA World Cup Final the final match of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, played between Germany and Brazil at the International Stadium in Yokohama, Japan. It was the first (and, to date, only) World Cup meeting between the two sides. Brazil won the match 2–0, winning a record fifth title
  • cristiano ronaldo

    cristiano ronaldo
    cristianlo ronaldoCristiano Ronaldo made his debut for the Portuguese National Football Team in 2003, against Kazakhstan. But his great year was 2004. He played home the Euro 2004 and scored twice in their way to the final. Portugal lost to Greece appeared as a strong player. He went also for the Summer Olympic Games in Athens that year. Cristiano finished the FIFA World Cup 2006 qualifiers second highest scorer in the European zone, with 7 goals. In the World Cup, however, he didn’t play at
  • lionel messi

    lionel messi
    lionel messiMessi made his unofficial debut for the first team against FC Porto on November 16, 2003. Less than a year later he made his official debut against Espanyol on October 16, 2004, becoming the third-youngest player ever to play for FC Barcelona and youngest club player who played in La Liga (a record broken by team mate Bojan Krkić in September 2007). When he scored his first senior goal for the club against Albacete Balompié on May 1, 2005, Messi was 17 years, 10 months and 7 days old, becoming t
  • winners of 2006

    winners of 2006
    italyItaly won the tournament, claiming their fourth World Cup title. They defeated France 5–3 in a penalty shootout in the final, after extra time had finished in a 1–1 draw. Germany defeated Portugal 3–1 to finish third. The 2006 World Cup stands as one of the most watched events in television history, garnering an estimated 26.29 billion non-unique viewer
  • javier hernandez

    javier hernandez
    chicharito'Chicharito' means ‘little pea’ and Hernandez attracted the moniker because he’s the son of Javier Hernandez, himself a top Mexican striker who played in the 1986 World Cup and was nicknamed 'Chicharo' ('pea') because of his green eyes. An out-and-out striker, Chicharito is quick, two-footed and strong in the air, qualities that have seen him likened to Reds legend Ole Gunnar
  • winners of world cup 2010

    winners of world cup 2010
    world cupIt took place in South Africa from 11 June to 11 July 2010. The bidding process for hosting the tournament finals was open only to African nations; in 2004, the international football federation, FIFA, selected South Africa over Egypt and Morocco to become the first African nation to host the finals.the winner was spain.
  • technology of soccer

    technology of soccer
    a new technologyThe sport's world governing body, FIFA, is deciding whether to adopt technology that detects whether a ball has crossed the goal line or not. If it goes ahead, it will put soccer on a par with cricket and tennis, which have successfully adopted such technology to settle disputes on which the fate of whole competitions can turn. The event that led to it all was England midfielder Frank Lampard "scoring" a blistering equalising goal in last year's World Cup match with Germany.
  • women`s world cup

    women`s world cup
    japanWhile a key element of Japan’s run to winning the FIFA Women’s World Cup was their team ethic and synchronised style of play, the star of the side was undoubtedly Homare Sawa. The midfielder finished the tournament as the top scorer with five goals, and added the Player of the Tournament award to her Golden Boot. By scoring Japan's second goal, the No10 also became the oldest goalscorer ever in a FIFA Women's World Cup Final. As willing to work back and help her defence as she was adept in cre
  • woman`s world cup

    woman`s world cup
    woman`s world cup U.S. Women’s National Team head coach Pia Sundhage has called up 29 players for nine days of training at The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., before the team leaves for the 2012 CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament being held in Vancouver, Canada. from Jan. 19-29.
  • best player in the world

    best player in the world
    iker casillasIker Casillas showed what he was about when, after having established himself as Real Madrid's starting goalkeeper at barely 18, he didn't bother to upgrade his dinky secondhand car. Indeed, Casillas is what anyone would like their goalie to be: boring and reliable. After he joined the club when he was 9 years old and made his senior debut at 16, it's difficult to imagine Real without Casillas, who doubles as Spain's captain. Just how good Casillas, an unrivalled shot-stopper, really is best is