History of Snowboarding

  • Jack Burchett uses first "snowboard-style" setup

    Although it is almost impossible to determine who officially invented the snowboard, there is a name that can be found among one of the first to experiment with stand up sledding and building a contraption for the purpose.In 1929, a man named M.J. "Jack" Burchett cut out a plank of plywood and tried to secure his feet to it with some clothesline and horse reins.Burchett became one of the first to use a "snowboard-like" set up.The idea of riding on a sled while standing had to wait 30 more years
  • "Snurfer" is invented

    In 1965, a chemical engineer of Muskegon, Michigan named Sherman Poppen one day fixed two skis together and put a rope at the nose, so the rider could hold it and keep it more stable. Poppen essentially built the set up for his daughter to "surf" down a snowy slope just near their family home.Once Poppen's daughter's friends discovered the new toy, they found interest and wished for their own.With enough interest in his new product, Sherman Poppen licensed the new idea with a manufacturer.He nam
  • Snurfer popularity increases

    By 1966, over a half a million "Snurfers" had been sold, however, the product was still seen as a children's toy.Sherman Poppen began organizing "Snurfer"competitions with his new board.A young man named Jake Burton began taking part in the competitions, as he became very interested in the "Snurfer" product.Burton saw the "Snurfer" as a cool new thing to do, havingso much interest in skiing.Jake Burton became one of the most involved individuals that rode the "Snurfer".
  • "No Snowboarders"

    Many resorts still turn down snowboarders, and do not allow them rot ride slopes.
  • First down hill race

    In 1982, Paul Graves organizes the very first National Snowsurfing Race Championships at "Suicide Six Ski Area" in Woodstock, Vermont.The event was covered very well by the media through "Sports Illustrated", "Good Morning America", and "The Today Show". The goal of the race appeared mostly to be "survival", because the race consists of a steepicy kamikaze downhill run, called "The Face".
  • Avalanche appears

    During 1982, a new company business named "Avalanche Snowboards" began making snowboards and entered the competitiveness of the snowboard construction industry.The company was based in Salt Lake Tahoe, and only made three types of boards the first year.They used a simple base design because the business was just starting out slow.
  • Rivalry competitions

    In 1983, the two competing rivals, Jake Burton and Tom Sims, both made a decisive move against each other's companies.Burton held the National Snowboarder Championship (no Snurfers), and Sims held the first World Snowboarding Championship at the same time.Burton's event was in Vermont, where he lived, and Sims' event was held in his home of Lake Tahoe.
  • Snowboarding begins to become accepted

    Once snowboarding had reached a highly recognizable point of popularity in 1988, many Surfing and Skateboarding companies began to capitalize on the crossover between the surfing and skating to snowboarding.Companies like Ocean Pacific (Surf), and G&S (Skateboarding) begin to develop a new market of winter clothing and snowboarding equipment.
  • Resorts begin to open their arms to snowboarders

    Finally in 1989, although many resorts still did not permit snowboarding on their slopes, a handful of Big-name Ski resorts that had once outlawed snowboarding, put down their fence to snowboarders and allowed the sport to enter their slopes.These big resorts involved Squaw Valley in California; Mammoth Mountain in California; Vail in Colorado; Sun Valley in Idaho; and Snowbird in Utah.The Snowboarding industry is very excited about this change.With snowboarding in the resorts the resorts are ab
  • Hall of fame introduced.

    A corporation named Breckenridge Ski Corp. announces plans to house the Snowboarding Hall of Fame with artifacts and name displays of the sports past.This structure would honor the original pioneers of snowboarding and the sports greatest riders.By holding a Hall of Fame the respect to finally see snowboarding as a sport just as others are seen would be complete
  • The park is introduced.

    Later, a new and exciting addition to the slopes was tested in a resort named Vail Ski Resort.The resort tried a new approach by developing an in-bounds obstacle area called a "snowboard park." The area was intended to cater to a growing snowboard market and other resorts quickly follow the park idea.
  • First world championship

    The International Snowboard Federation holds its first official Snowboard World Championships in Ischgl, Austria. American's Kevin Delaney and Michele Taggart win with both medals.Snowboarding has moved worldwide officallly.By now over 50 differetn companies are producing snowboards legally.The business is huge and brings in a lot of capital. The world knows well of the sport now.
  • Women become racgonized

    In 1993, after snowboarding had grown largely in the mens group.There were a few women riders that werer growing very successful in the sport.As no other woman had ever gotten a signature snowbaord made under her name, Shannon Dunn became the first.Shannon Dunn, a pro woman snowboarder, grew so successful that her company sponsor built a specific model matching her signature style. In the same year, a video game character named "Sonic the Hedgehog" was featured snowboarding in a video game.
  • Snowboarding enters X-games

    In 1997, the first ever winter X-games including snowboarding was held and covered by ESPN. Over 30,000 fans crowded to watch at the site.Everything from racing to trick courses were performed in the games.By being featured in the X games snowboarding had proven itself worthy to be called an alternative sport up there with skateboarding.
  • Snowboarding included in Olympics

    At last, in 1998, snowboarding was recognized enough to be finally included in the Olympic Games and Medals were distributed among the winners of the events.The Olympics were held in Nagano.Snowboarders had waited for this time toarrive. Ninety Million people watch as gold-medalist Ross Rebaghati tests positive for Marijuana and his gold medal is taken away from him.