History of Refrigerators

By 23340
  • 1748

    In 1748 the "Victorian style icebox," was designed it was made out of wood. It kept food cold by using icehouses and iceboxes they were mostly built by water to keep cold.
  • 1860

    In the 1860's the first "Reefers" refrigerator car came out. It carried food many miles to different places and it was huge and it was quicker then anything ever invented before.
  • 1890

    In the 1890s the "American Oak," refrigerator came out. It was the long way of a rectangle shape. It had two doors on top of each other one for frozen food and one for fridge food.
  • 1918

    In 1918 the "Frigidaire," refrigerator was invented. The refrigerator had an ice wall to keep the food cold and fresh. It had two too different components under the fridge for extra food.
  • 1927

    The first electric refrigerator came out in 1927 it was called the "Monitor Top." It was a single door and the first refrigerator that was all steel.
  • 1940

    In the 1940s the refrigerator called "A Household Mainstay," came out. This refrigerator had a small freezer below the fridge. By 1944 about 85% of family's owned this in there home.
  • 1950

    In the 1950's the rise of refrigerators in homes became big during this time. This refrigerator was called "Household Fridge," it was a fancy fridge that every housewife wanted. It had a big compartment for freezer food below the refrigerator part.
  • 1960

    In the 1960's the "Futuristic design & big freezers," was introduced. There was great improvements that would help with future refrigerators. The freezer became larger because the boom of frozen dinners for family's during this time was huge.
  • 1970

    In the 1970's a smaller version of a refrigerator called a "mini refrigerator became popular. It was shaped like a box and the space decreased to just fridge food and a small box for ice..
  • 1980

    In the 1980's the "Sturdy and utilitarian," refrigerator were built to last longer then any refrigerator ever made. It was made safer and used less electricity then other refrigerators.
  • 1990

    In the 1990's the "French doors and stainless facades," refrigerator came out. This refrigerator had two doors one door was for frozen food and the other door was for refrigerator food. A new part that was on this was a ice and water machine that was built into the refrigerator.
  • 2000

    In the early 2000's a "Double French door stainless steal," refrigerator came out. It had a built-in ice maker and water machine. Plus double space for refrigerator food and a slide out freezer below the two doors.
  • future

    Later there will be a Samsung refrigerator. It will have two doors that will be able to play music, stream TV shows and so much more!
  • future

    The "Axon," refrigerator will be sold in stores later. It will be a refrigerator that will record and keep track of the space inside. It is also touchscreen.
  • future

    The "Ocado," refrigerator will come out in stores later. It will have two touch screen doors that will be able to look up foods from grocery shopping lists.