History of recording

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  • Direct to tape mono

    Direct to tape mono
    -Recording using only ONE microphone placed in a room. This can make recordings sound quite messy.
    -Unable to process individual channels, only processing as a whole!
  • Early Multitrack Recording

    Early Multitrack Recording
    -Recording of multiple channels at the same time.
    -This was still very limited (maximum 4 channels to begin with).
    -Experimentation with effects started to become common.
    -This eventually raised to 8, then 16 tracks.
  • Large Scale Analogue Multitrack Recording

    Large Scale Analogue Multitrack Recording
    -Increased clarity of individual parts due to more tape channels available.
    -More channels means more experimentation with uses of multiple microphones.
    -Much better signal to noise ratios
  • Digital Recordings

    Digital Recordings
    -Repetitive loops and use of drum machines.
    -Glorious, glorious MIDI finally surfaced, allowing producers to sync equipment and program patch changes.
    -Computers become more prominent - Less hiss
    -Mixes become very bright, lots of experimentation with EQ and FX
  • DAWs and beyond

    DAWs and beyond
    -The birth of the DAW allowed for countless editing possibilities.
    -Made recording much more accessible to home studios
    -Editing allows for "Flawless" performances
    -Countless FX including Flex-Time/Auto-Tune
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    History of Music Technology