history of plane

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  • First Flying machine

    A Few men invented a Flying machine by making the hot air balloon.
  • plans For the airplane

    in 1843 william s. henson, an inventer, patented plans For the airplane aFter trying to build a model
  • steam powered plane

    in 1890 cl'ement ader took oFF on the First steam powered plane (a plane with an engine, unlike a glider)
  • 2 wings

    aFter many improvements yo the glider the wright brothers invented akite with 2 wings
  • first flying machine with someone in it

    In December of 1903, the Wright Brothers became the first people to successfully fly a plane with a person in it.
  • first powered airplane

    in 1903 the wright brothers the first powered airplane that they name the ''Flyer''
  • wilbur wright flys!

    on october 5, 1905, wibur wright fly flew a distance oF 24.5 in 59 minutes and 23.8 seconds