History of Movie Technology

By Blake_E
  • First Movie

    First Movie
    First Movie was shown in theaters, but it was black and white with no sound.
  • Period: to

    The Silent Era

    The movies had no sound during this time period.
  • Color

    Technicolor The Gulf Between was the first film to use Technicolor
  • Sound

    Jazz Singer The 1927 film The Jazz Singer was the first movie to have synchronized sound with it.
  • Sound and Color

    The Viking was the first film to use color and have sound, but the sound was only sound effects and no dialog.
  • Animation

    Mickey Mouse The first Mickey Mouse ever created was in Plane Crazy.
  • First all talking film

    First all talking film
    The Lights of New York was the first all talking film.
  • Color and Dialog

    On the Show was the first all color film to feature dialog.
  • Period: to

    3D Popularity

    Greatest popularity of 3D movies was in the early 1950s with 27 3D movies created in 1953.
  • Kodak Eastman Color

    Royal Journey was the first film to use Kodak's Eastman Color process in place of technicolor.