History of Lumiere

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    Lumiere timeline

  • Fusil Photograph of Marey

    Fusil Photograph of Marey
    Etienne-Jule Marey specialized in photographic movement. He used the succession fo photographs to created a photographic gun that took twelve photos per second. This captured motion on film and was one of the first steps taken toward the cinema.
  • Second Lumiere family villa created

    Lumiere family gained another villa: Bouches-du-Rhone, La Perfola a Cop.
  • Chronophotographe of George Demeny

    Chronophotographe of George Demeny
    Marey's assistant, George Demeny created this device that captured movement on film. It was a new and improved version of Marey's work.
  • prototype of Cinematographe Lumiere

    prototype of Cinematographe Lumiere
    This was the work of Louis Lumiere. It is the first prototype made to animate images and was the patent of cinema.
  • Thomas Edison's Kinetoscope

    Thomas Edison's Kinetoscope
    His invention recreated movement of images. This machine perferated the film to roll out in a consistent manner. The only problem with this invention was it only allowed one person at a time to use it. This called for the use of more than one of them at a time. This machine also used Mareys photographic research to recreate more images.
  • Blueprints for cinematography machine made

    February-May 20th: this is when Lumiere combined functions of previous benefactor machines(camera, projector, lantern) to create a new invention the used the idea of negative imprints.
  • 1st Cinemotographe

    Lumieres first public paid projection was displayed in Grande Cafe in Paris, France. This was the true beginning/birth of cinema shown to the world.
  • First Lumiere family villa created

    The first Lumiere family villa was created. This was at D'Evian-les-Bains, Haute Savoie.
  • Lumiere and Edisons Cinematographe (model A+B)

    Lumieres special production of standard image movement(modelA) using a scrolling wheel technique was recognized. Edison's (model B) flip page device was also in production at this time.
  • Third Lumiere family villa created

    Last Lumiere villa made called d'Ail Alpes-Maritimes.
  • Lumieres projection was modified

    Pathe modified Lumieres ideas and created a device that supplied for longer distance and bigger audiences and larger profit.
  • Tulle Gras created by Auguste Lumiere

    Tulle Gras created by Auguste Lumiere
    Auguste used his passion for medicine to create a treatment for harsh burns. His product is still sold in pharmacys today.
  • Henri Lumieres work (3D photostereothesis)

    He created Autograms(1st colored photographes commercially prcessed). He considered these his masterpieces. They were glass plates of potato flower that only gave off three colors (red, green, purple).
  • Antoine Lumieres work

    He created the view camera that allowed everyone to take there own picture. This invention made the Lumiere family millionaires.
  • Lumieres 40th Anniversary

    Lumiere was presented an award (in the presence of the president Albert Lebrun) a plaque displayed on Renne Street. This was a weeks celebration of his 40th anniversary of his work in cinema production.
  • Lumiere family business shipout

    trucks with Lumiere family name and inventions were shipped out to buyers.