Lazah dinosaw!!!

History of Life on Earth


    This is a picture of a sea sponge... xD I dont think this exact sponge is from the Cambrian Period... but hey! It's colourful and purdy :3 (And... interesting..?)
  • Period: to

    Cambrian Period

    In the Cambrian Period, (540 MYA to 505 MYA), invertabrates came to life, such as sponges, mollusks, and one-celled plants. The ozone was created from cyanobacteria creating oxygen from the sea.
  • Ordovician Period PICTURE

    Ordovician Period PICTURE
    OH MY CHIMICHANGAS!!!! Ok, this is an agnatha... it isnt very purdy... unless you like parasites with, like, a million teeth sucking on your face trying to eat you!! o_O
  • Period: to

    Ordovician Period

    In the Ordovician Period, (505 MYA to 438 MYA), the animal diversity abounds, creating the first jawless fish, such as the agnathan.

    The first mass extinction, 440 MYA, caused a large percentage of the organisms on Earth to become extinct.
  • Silurian Period PICTURE

    Silurian Period PICTURE
    Crusty-a-cians!!! :D
  • Period: to

    Silurian Period

    During the Silurian Period, (438 MYA to 408 MYA), arthropods and plants invade the land when the ozone is reliable enough to hold the oxygen for the new inhabitants. Also, jawed fish begin to appear.
  • Devonian Period PICTURE

    Devonian Period PICTURE
    Frogs evolved from fish, but they couldnt just waltze on land and sing heir happy song.. NOOOOOO!! They had to develope lungs and several other body structures! (These froggies are too cute!)
  • Period: to

    Devonian Period

    During the Devonian Period, (408 MYA to 360 MYA), bony fish become abundant. Also, the amphibian evolves from the fish, which helps them adapt to land by creating several new body structures and lungs. (PS- them bony fish are in needing of some food cuz they aint got no meat on their bones, unless they are model fish x_x)

    The second mass exinction , 360 MYA.
  • Carboniferous Period PICTURE

    Carboniferous Period PICTURE
    This is a picture of a reptile, which could have been similar to an early reptile in the Carboniferous Period.
  • Period: to

    Carboniferous Period

    During the Carboniferous Period, (360 MYA to 283 MYA), early reptiles evolved from amphibians. They developed water-tight eggs which makes them more capable for living on land.

    The third mass extinction, 247 MYA, occured when about 96% of all species living at the time went extinct.
  • Permian Period PICTURE

    Permian Period PICTURE
    This is a squirrel-like mammal... (I dont know what else to say xD)
  • Period: to

    Permian Period

    During the Permian Period, (283 MYA to 247 MYA), the diversification of early mammals into the groups of mammals, turtles, lepidosaurs, and archosaurs.
  • Triassic Period PICTURE

    Triassic Period PICTURE
    Early dinosaurs
  • Period: to

    Triassic Period

    During the Triassic Period, (247 MYA to 203 MYA), the first dinosaurs and mammals appeared.

    The fourth mass extinction, 203 MYA, happened by unknown causes
  • Jurassic Period PICTURE

    Jurassic Period PICTURE
    A bird possibly evolving from a feathered dino
  • Period: to

    Jurassic Period

    During the Jurassic Period, (203 MYA to 144 MYA), birds may have evolved from feathered dinosaurs.
  • Cretacious Period PICTURE

    Cretacious Period PICTURE
    A flowering plant!!!! (This is a passiflora)
  • Period: to

    Cretaceous Period

    During the Cretaceous Period, (144 MYA to 67 MYA), the appearance of the flowering plants become known to earth.

    The fifth mass extinction, 65 MYA, ended the life of large dinosaurs.
  • Tertiary Period PICTURE

    Tertiary Period PICTURE
    This is an Australopithecus.
  • Period: to

    Tertiary Period

    During the Tertiary Period, (67 MYA to 2 MYA), birds and mammals spread throughout the world, causing the mammals to become abundant on land. Also, the appearance of Australopithecus happened.
  • Quarternary Period PICTURE

    Quarternary Period PICTURE
  • Period: to

    Quarternary Period

    During the Quarternary Perios, (1 MYA to present), the first homo sapiens appeared on land.