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History of life on Earth

  • Biological Findings

    Redi noticed different development forms of life.
    Microscope intrument using optical lenses to magnify object by bending light rays
  • Biological Findings

    Spellzan designed an expirement to test the hypothesis of spontaneous generation of microorganisms .
  • Biological Findings

    fasters made a curve , made a flask that allowed air inside the flask to mix with air outside the flask.
  • Biological Findings

    Fox- extensive rearch on physical structures that gave rise to first cells.
    Thomas discovered some type of RNA and is some cellular Eurkaryoteas chemical catalyst , oparin thought early atmosphere.
  • 5 Million Years (Geological)

    Swirling mass of gas and dust , the solar system starting to form.
  • 4.6 Billion Years Ago (Geological)

    Age of Plant Earth
  • 4 Billion Years Ago (Geological)

    Oldest known rocks and Crystals.
  • 3.5 Billion Years Ago (Life)

    Fossils of Stromatolles are known .
  • 3 Billion Years Ago (Life)

    Life had become photosynthesic .
  • 2.2 Billion Years Ago (Life)

    Appeared similar in todays world
  • 2 - 1.5 Billion Years Ago (Life)

    Small aerobic prokaryote was engulfed by and began to live and reproduce in a larger, anaerobic prokaryote.