history of ict

  • first phone

  • creation of apple

    founders were steve jobs,steve wozniak and ronald wayne
  • fist apple computer

    it was created and handbuilt by steve wozniak ,wozniaks friend steve jobs had the idea of selling it
  • first xbox

    fisr released in north america ,then februrarary 22 in japan and then march 14 2002 in europe and austrailia
  • playstation 1

  • fisrt wii console

    released by nintendo ,launched first in japan ,north and south america
  • solar powered aeroplanes

  • xbox 720

  • bendy phones

  • hoverbikes

  • samsung glaxy s7

  • ps5

  • wireless tv coats

  • samsung 4d tv

  • iphone 9

  • 5G