History of Headphone

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  • Ancestors of Headphone

    Ancestors of Headphone
    The first headphones were used by telephone operators. It was a single earpiece that rested on the user’s shoulder and weighed over 10 pounds. It was not electrical device so could not used in public houses. So military also liked to use this headphone.Without the earpieces, there is one more device. It helps the headphone to connect.
  • In home Haedphone

    In home Haedphone
    Thanks to the Electrophone system, in 1895 people could hear the opera from the comfort of their own home. however, it was still too big to use in public houses. still. it is not a form of earpieces, that a person should grab and put it on the ear like the picture. Also, it costed a lot, not very many people could use it.
  • first modern headphone

    first modern headphone
    Headphones originated from the earpiece, and were the only way to listen to electrical audio signals before amplifiers were developed. The first truly successful set was developed in 1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin, who made them by hand in his kitchen and sold them to the United States Navy.
  • the first famous Headphone

    the first famous Headphone
    The DT-48’s from Beyerdynamic became the first dynamic headphones to hit the market. Though it would be a few decades before electrostatic headphones came into play, this was obviously a huge leap forward in the can story. It originated the form of headphones in nowdays. it needed no any other devices and people could start to use headphone in public with this.
  • the first Stereo Headphone

    the first Stereo Headphone
    john C. Koss changed the headphone market in a way that Dr. Dre jealous. he pocused on two points. one was to create the first stereo heaphones(Koss SP - 3) and to launch an all out assault on awaiting ear canals. Over the next few decades, Koss came to dominate the headphone industry. He used headphone for most of educational purpose for studuents in college.
  • the first portable headphone

    the first portable headphone
    In the headphones' history, Sony's walkman will never can be skipped. All of sudden, Sony made the headphone to portable means that people could use it while skating or walking, etc.
    It is because its got much smaller and lighter compare to the headphones before.
  • Became much more portable

    Became much more portable
    Although the Apple didn't invented this headphone, with the success fo ipod, the form of earbuds got very popular. there are many reasons for this. first, it made the headphone to more portable and comfortable. people could run or do extreme sports with this earbuds.
  • The artistic Headphones

    The artistic Headphones
    by middle of 2000 to 2010, the techniques for headphones are got much higher that normal people could not notice the difference for new developed headphones. With this, headphone started to be a part of art. Dr. Dre started this market. He made the series of Dr. Dre headphones. for many people, its design was good enough to promote. people developed the art of headphones with redesigning the headphones.
  • wireless Headphones

    wireless Headphones
    However, the develop of Dr. Dre does not mean that there is no more develop with techniques. By 2010, wireless headphones came out. Not only artistic points, but also portable point will be a big interest in headphone industry
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    History of Headphone