History of Gun Ownership in America

  • Period: to

    America and Guns Timeline

  • States change the Second Amendment

  • Militia Act of 1792 requires all able men from ages 18 to 45 to serve in musters

  • Georgia bans handguns

  • National Rifle Association was founded

  • National Firearms Act is passed

  • Federal Firearms Act is passed

  • Gun Control Act of 1968

  • Wahigton D.C. passes an anti- handgun law

    that demands the resistration of all shotguns and rifles in D.C.
  • Ronald Reagan Assasination Attempt

  • Senate Bill to require trigger locks on guns

  • Aurora Colorado Movie Theater Shooting

    James Holmes kills 12 and injures 70 in midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises
  • Sandy Hook Elamentary Shooting

    20 Kindergarteners and first graders and 6 adults were killed
  • Virginia Tech Shooting

    27 students and 5 falculty are killed