History of American Gun Control

By jakehu
  • Firearm Imports Banned

    Firearm Imports Banned
    King George III ordered all firearm imports into the colonies to come to a halt. This was the start of something that would lead to a rebellion.
  • Government Ordered Gun Confiscation

    Government Ordered Gun Confiscation
    King George III was far from a good man. He had ordered the red coats to seize the firearms of the inhabitants of Boston. Without reason or warrant people's homes were invaded, their firearms were confiscated, and they were placed behind bars.
  • American Revolution

    American Revolution
    The colonists had enough with the restrictive and despicable government that was abusing the rights of the people. An exchange of gunfire at Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts marked the beginning of the American Revolution.
  • Wounded Knee Massacre

    Wounded Knee Massacre
    The Wounded Knee Massacre happened after Lakota Native Americans refused to surrender their weapons to the US government. After a deaf Native named Black Coyote had a fumble with one of the soldiers, as he did not understand their requests and did not want to surrender his firearm, a negligent discharge occurred believed to be by Black Coyote. Following the ND the 7th Cavalry opened fire on the disarmed natives killing anywhere between 150 and 300 innocent people.
  • The Creation of the NFA

    The Creation of the NFA
    The National Firearms Act (NFA) was created as means to disarm the citizens by prohibiting the sales of certain weapons that congress felt didn't belong in the hands of the people. They couldn't say this out right as it would cause well deserved backlash from the American people. So rather than state the true intention of the act, Congress told the people that the NFA was created as a way to tax firearms more extensively. A $200 tax on all NFA firearms and items was introduced.
  • Fully Automatic Firearms Banned

    Fully Automatic Firearms Banned
    Congress passed a bill that prohibited the American people from owning fully automatic firearms. Any firearm manufactured before May 19th 1986 was grandfathered in, however, any newly made full autos are illegal for the people to own unless owned by a dealer.
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    Media Coverage

    It cannot be denied that the media is largely responsible for the common emotions that run through society. Many main stream media outlets portray firearms as monstrous weapons that only ever kill. Media outlets continue to portray firearms that are essential to our freedom in a very negative way. Lots of articles use improper terminology and show improper handling and operation. Stories that don't involve an AR-15s are seldom published as well as stories that show a good guy using a gun.
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    Rise in Mass Shootings

    There is plentiful evidence that there are more mass shootings now than there has been since the 1960's. The shootings are more common and more deadly. Many people claim that the rise in mass shootings is the guns fault, but guns are more heavily regulated now than they ever have been before. Alongside the increase in shootings is a drastic increase in mental health issues. Main stream media continues to point their fingers at guns when in reality the issue is untreated mental illness.