History of Google Logo

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In History
  • BackRub

    Google was first created by Larry Page and Segrey Brin. The original search engine name was "BackRub." It started out as a research project at Stanford University.
  • Googol

    BackRub was renamed into Google in 1997. It is considered as a mispelled version of googol- a number that begins with the number one and 100 zeros following. Google was finally enrolled as a domain on Standford's servers.
  • 1st Google Logo

    1st Google Logo
    The first Google logo was created by co--founder Segrey Brin. He started by using GIMP- a graphic editing program. The design is very similiar to the current logo used today.
  • Google Doodle

    Google Doodle
    Google Doodle was first created by Google's founders when they drew a stick figure behind the second "o" to represent they're "out of office" to attend a festival. After two years of Google Doodle, Dennis Hwang was appointed Google's chief doodler, and a doodle team of artists, animators, graphic designers, and illustrators was created. Now, there are over 2,000 doodles displayed on their homepage from all over the world.
  • Logo Change

    Logo Change
    In 1999, Google's logo was revised. The colors were shifted, and an exclamation point was added. This was thought to be inspired by Yahoo's logo.
  • Ruth Kedar

    Ruth Kedar
    Ruth Kedar was hired to redesign Google's logo. Her first draft to recreate the logo was to add a small pattern connecting the letter O to represent the infinity symbol. Adobe Garamond was the typeface used in this logo.
  • 2nd Attempt of Google Logo

    2nd Attempt of Google Logo
    The typeface used in the second attempt of the next Google logo is Catull. Ruth Kedar focuses on one of the O's to represent a target and precision. The logo also symbolizes the "complex program yet simple-to-use application," by Kedar.
  • Drafting Logo 3

    Drafting Logo 3
    As for the third attempt, Kedar decides to use ITC Leawood as the typeface. The overlapping of the O's represent the connection between the diversities of different countries and cultures. The designer Kedar believed that the logo was too similiar to the Olympic symbol, and therefore, wasn't used.
  • 4th Attempt of Google Logo

    4th Attempt of Google Logo
    Kedar reaches back to the few previous typefaces to Catull. The capital letters, magnifying glass image, and multiple colors gives the logo a bold and lively atmosphere. Despite the new additions, it was rejected due to the busy and overelaborate design.
  • Final Design

    Final Design
    After multiple attempts to recreate a new Google logo, the final design was settled. The small changes occured in color and angle, using primary colors (excluding the green "L") and position of the 3rd "O." This logo lasted for as long as 10 years and 11 months, ending on May 5, 2010.
  • Keystroke Logo

    Keystroke Logo
    Google's first colorless logo, named Keystroke Logo, appears on the website when a major disaster occurs. The design was first used on Poland's Google homepage, in recognization of the 2010 Polish Air Force crash. The neutral color is contrasted to the usual vibrant design to symbolize a loss or depressed energy.
  • New Logo Design

    New Logo Design
    A new Google logo was recreated after for more than a decade. Little changes occured since the previous, with the color change of yellow to orange and the reduction of the background shadowing. The logo first appeared on the 107th birthday of author Rachel Carson.