History of Google

Timeline created by Hanahange
  • Google Creation

    Google Creation
    Google began its creation at Stanford University in 1995 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin who were students.
  • Renaming the Brand

    Renaming the Brand
    At first, google was named Backrub and it was a search engine for the World Wide Web. Back then, this was an important use for individuals who wanted to gain more knowledge with easier access. Larry and Segrey’s mission for Backrub was to make information more accessible to people and to make it more useful. According to their website, they caught the word “Google” for mathematical reasons due to the mathematical expression for the number #1 and the multiple zeros after.
  • Google Inc

    Google Inc
    After a couple of years, google caught the eye of numerous communities such as the academic community and investors. With investors looking at the company, A sun Co founder Andy Bechtolsheim gave them 100,000 dollars. This impacted Google since Google Inc was made.
  • Pop Culture

    Pop Culture
    Google finally enters pop culture vernacular, which brings entertainment to many internet users. This helps google bring in engagement and also different age demographics such as teens
  • Google buys YouTube

    Google buys YouTube
    YouTube was one of google’s most profitable companies till this day even though it costed a lot. YouTube is one of the biggest ways that citizens find daily news, entertainment and current events
  • Google gets 1 billion searches

    Google finally reaches a huge milestone. In 2009, google reached 1 billion searches for their website per day and becomes the dominant search engine across the US
  • Google Ap and Phone

    Google Ap and Phone
    Google begins to buy apps such as Waze and purchases Motorola Mobility. Also, Google releases a phone which has a camera
  • Google Today

    Google Today
    Due to its large popularity, google is accessible to many students across the world for free. It can help students with school and be very informative, help others know more about illnesses, current events and almost everything else. With google, there are millions of questions that are not going to be left unseen, which is why google is an essential form of Media used today for billions of people.