History of Games

  • Touring Card Game

    Touring Card Game
    allaboutfunandgamesIt became a popular card game where you try to complete a trip. It first got published in 1906 but didn't get popular untill the Parker Brothers re-introduced in in 1926.
  • Monopoly

    thepeoplehistoryIt became one of the most popular and classic board games invented. It has been updated alot over the years.
  • Risk

    thepeoplehistoryIt was origanily made in 1957 but published by the Parker Brothers in 1959. The original game had 42 territories and six contenents.
  • The video game

    The video game
    bnlWilliam Higinbothams created this game called "Tennis for Two".
    It was played on an oscilloscope that was connected to an analog computer.
  • Video game played on TV

    Video game played on TV
    aboutRalph Baer created this game called "Chase". Ralph first started working on this idea in 1951.
  • Mario

    bigsiteofamazingfactsIt was invented by Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario became the most popular and well-known characters in video game history.
  • Wireless video game controller

    Wireless video game controller
    classicgamingThis game is called the Nintendo NES. There was also a game made called the Nintendo NES 2.
  • PlayStation

    aboutPlaystation became the best selling game console. It is manufactured by Sony.
  • Xbox

    directhitThe original Xbox was invented in 2001 but the Xbow 360 was invented in 2005 and made the original Xbox dicontinue. Microsoft sold over 24 million units before it was discontinued in 2006.
  • The handheld video game

    The handheld video game
    pocket-lintThe first handheld videogame was the Playstation portable (PSP). 500,000 PSP's were sold in the first two days in was released.