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History of games

By tyotyo2
  • First Counsole the Brown Box

    First Counsole the Brown Box
    The first video game console that worked on a standard television.
  • Game Boy

    Game Boy
    The first major handheld game console and it had a black and white screen.
  • Neo Geo

    Neo Geo
    The Neo Geo had 2-D graphics and it was used for home system and the cost was 650.
  • Playstation

    The playstation was the arrival of the most popular console of the 32-bit era of video games
  • Nintendo 64

    Nintendo 64
    Nintendo 64 was released,marking the last mass market system to use cartridges.Nintendo cartridges load much faster and better than CD-ROM.
  • PS2

    The PS2 had a DVD player which u can watch movie in it. The PS2 first came out in March 4th in Japan and it was more upgraded than the old playsation.
  • X-box

    Microsoft made its first independent foray into the console market with the release of the X-box in 2001.
  • PlayStation Portable

    PlayStation Portable
    Sony released the PlayStation Portable early in 2005.The PSP features wireless capability, high-quality graphics and non-gaming functions.