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History of Forensics

  • 600

    First Use of Fingerprints

    First Use of Fingerprints
    In the 600s, Arabian merchants would use fingerprints to hold people accountable for their bills. They would make them stamp their fingerprint on their bill.
  • 1248

    First Forensic Science book

    First Forensic Science book
    In 1248, the Chinese published the first forensic science book.
  • First Invention of the Microscope

    First Invention of the Microscope
    In 1609, Galileo Galilei created the first microscope. Microscopes changed all fields of science, especially forensics. It was not until the 1850s when they became standard equipment in labs.
  • Mathieu Orfila

    Mathieu Orfila
    Mathieu Orfila was known as the founding father of modern toxicology. He created a test that allows people to find the presence of arsenic.
  • United States Begins Using a Fingerprint System

    United States Begins Using a Fingerprint System
    In 1903, the New York State Prison System, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons began using a fingerprint system to identify people.
  • First School of Forensic Science

    First School of Forensic Science
    Archibald Reiss founded the institut de police scientifique of the University of Lausanne which was the first school of forensic science. Reiss was known as the "Sherlock Holmes of France."
  • Edmond Locard

    Edmond Locard
    Edmond Locard is known as the father of forensic science. Not only did he create the Locard Exchange Principle, which states that a criminal will always leave a trace of themselves behind, but he also created the first police laboratory in 1910.
  • First Lie Detector Test

    First Lie Detector Test
    The first lie detector test is created from a polygraph that John Larson invented in 1921. It was adapted to use in a police station.
  • William Maples (1937-1997)

    William Maples (1937-1997)
    William Maples was a forensic anthropologist at the University of Florida. He was known for human identification and trauma analysis.
  • The First National Crime System in Created

    The First National Crime System in Created
    The National Crime Information Center was established by the FBI in 1967. This was a filing system on a computer that organized stolen vehicles, weapons, wanted people, etc.
  • OJ Simpson Case

    OJ Simpson Case
    The OJ Simpson case majorly changed how crime scenes are dealt with. Due to the mistakes made in collecting and preserving evidence during this case, changes were made to ensure that crime scenes would remain untampered with.