history of film

  • Joseph nicephore

    Joseph nicephore
    In the 1820s joseph was a invertor he was the first person who took a photo
  • 1839

    louis dagurerre was a friend of joseph was able to shorten the expose time to minutes he also released
  • 1920

    in 1920 geogre melies created side effects from a simple mistake of the camera he was using, he hit it and once the film came it cut from one image to the next.
  • Lumiere brothers

    Lumiere brothers
    In 1895 the lumiere brothers invented the first ever camera, called the cinematographe, it was the first ever camera to record, but not many people could see it, one at a time, and it was really short.
  • tomas edison

    tomas edison
    Edison was responsible for the invention of the kinetograph a motion picture camera, the kinetoscope too they were both made for motion recordings. Although Edision did make an illegal copy of the trip to the moon movie, and benifited off of it.