History of film

  • Film from 1900

  • Period: to

    History of film from 1900 to 2000

  • Film from 1910

  • The Silent Age

    The Silent Age
    The emergance of Hollywood. WWI and the exodus from Europe.
  • Poster from 1920

    Poster from 1920
    This poster is from a movie from 1920's.
  • The Transition Age

    The Transition Age
    From silent to sound.
  • Flim from 1930

  • The Hollywood Studio Age

    The Hollywood Studio Age
    Domination by the studio. Genre movies WWII.
  • Film from 1940

  • The Internationalist Age

    The Internationalist Age
    Hollywood Studios decline, because of the challenge of television shows.
  • Film from 1950

  • The New Wave Age

    The New Wave Age
    -From France to the world
    -Technological Innovation
    -Small scale productions
    -Strong social/political value to flim
  • Film from 1960

  • Film from 1970

  • The Mass Media Age

    The Mass Media Age
    Film and movies as a part of the global entertainment / communication media digital production
  • Film from 1980

  • Film from 1990

  • Film from 2000