History of Ethics In Psychology- Avery Dunne

Timeline created by averyldunne
  • 6,500 BCE

    Trephination- 6500 BC

    Someone named the "medicine man" would drill holes into the subject's head/skull to release the demons. I chose this because I found it appalling that these exorcisms would happen without the participants' permission and could cause the participants to slowly die after the experiment was taken place.
  • Period: to

    Tuskegee Syphilis Study 1932-1972

    A study of black sharecroppers to document disease in African Americans and racial differences in the manifestation of syphilis. No counseling was provided to the men who were not aware they had contracted syphilis. No medicine was given to the sick men as well. The spread continued and many of the participants had already died by the time the study received public outrage. I chose this because it was unessasary to not tell the participants about their sickness despite all the death.
  • Period: to

    Nazi Concentration Camp Experiment 1935-1945

    Horrific studies such as sleep deprivation, starvation, surgeries with no anesthesia, emotional and psychological torture were performed on people who were not part of a pure Arian lineage. These people included homosexuals, Jews, and African Americans. The "research" done was in reality mass murder. I chose this just because of how brutal these experiments are. What they did to these people and that they disguised murder with "research" makes me sick.
  • TeaRoom Trade Study 1970

    Lon Humphrey was a researcher who would pretend to be a member of the homosexual community in order to study public behavior between homosexual men. He discovered a lot of the men were secretly gay and lead completely normal lives outside of public meeting places. I chose this because I do not approve of him pretending and making a book about men who were purposefully trying to hide the fact that they were gay.