History of Ethics

Timeline created by Nevaehh
  • 650 BCE

    trephination (650 BC)

    Holes were drilled into the patients skull (usually without permission) as a form of exorcism/release of demons. Sometimes this procedure resulted in death of the patient. The reason this impacted me was because with how far we have come in science. To think that these were rituals practiced and were believed that there was a possibility of the goal being fulfilled is baffling
  • Wilhelm Wundant laboratory (1879)

    Unneeded surgery, sleep deprivation, starvation and horrendous experiment. Torture in a physical and mental aspect were performed on people that we’re not of Arian decent. It was then covered up and called research/experiment .
    This topic really made me connect today society with the event. it only occurred to people that were not straight white people. if you look at today’s world there’s a big division between POC this event may have played a part in the division between the two
  • Apa committee (1947)

    The APA committee was made to ensure that no harm was done to human subjects in experiments. Any grant required experiment was reviewed by the APA to ensure.Another committee formed that reviewed the experiments approved by APA and found they were approving experiments that hurt them and were breaking many other rules. This is significant because this shows that even when you think you are safe and protected by the law there are several factors that can go against you having to do with the law.
  • Protection of human subjects (1982)

    The protection of human subjects was split into five categories 1. general 2. pregnant women and fetus 3.incarcerated prisoners 4.children 5.IRB/scientist. Anyone who needed a grant for their experiment was required to take a class on protection of human subjects. This made an impact on me because it shows that scientist are making an effort to better and be stricter on the human subject laws.