History of email

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  • Ray Tomlinson

    Ray Tomlinson
    Email Timeline / Technologyray tomilson invented a way to send messages between computers using the @ symbol. But he doesnt remember the exact date and what the first message said.
  • Larry Roberts

    Larry Roberts
    Email Timeline / TechnologyLarry Roberts was the first one to invent how to respond and forward to messages.
  • Queen Elizabeth II

    Queen Elizabeth II
    Email Timeline / TechnologyQueen Elizabeth was the first one of the head of state to send an email.
  • Steve Dorner

    Steve Dorner
    Email Timeline / TechnologySteve Dorner invents Eudora, an application that gave a popular face to email by providing a graphical user interface for email management.
  • Lotus Notes

    Lotus Notes
    Email Timeline / TechnologyLotus Notes is an email software and sold 35,000 copies within the first year.
  • Free use

    Free use
    Emaill Timeline / technologyA few companies - including the fledgling Hotmail - begin to offer free, use-anywhere, internet email.
  • Microsoft

    Email Timeline / TechnologyMicrosoft released the third internet explorer . that is later named outlook.
  • 10 million users

    10 million users
    Email Timeline / Technology10 million people worldwide have email accounts
  • 30th anniversary

    30th anniversary
    Email Timeline / TechnologyVirturaly with every buisness in the world signed on, email celebrates their 30th aniversary.
  • Microsoft buys Hotmail for $400m

    Microsoft buys Hotmail for $400m
    Email Timeline / TechnologyHotmail was bought by Microsoft for $400 million.