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History of Ed Tech

  • 200,000 BCE

    Oral Communication

    Oral Communication
    Oral Communication was one of the earliest means of formal teaching. The improvements in technology are made to help oral communication. In the ancient times, information was transferred orally.
  • 1400 BCE

    Written Communication

    Written Communication
    Writing in education has a long history. "According to the Bible, Moses used chiseled stone to convey the ten commandments in a form of writing, probably around the 7th century B.C". The invention of the printing press in Europe in the 15th century made written knowledge much more freely available like how internet does today. Best tools for the written communication would be a paper and a pen, if not interactive digital devices such as tablet PC.
  • Broadcasting and video

    Broadcasting and video
    BBC began educational radio programs broadcasts for schools in the 1920s. The first use of television in education was in the 1960s, both for schools and general adult education. A Radio, camera, video player and a computer as a video player are important tools for broadcasting and video.
  • Computer Technologies

    Computer Technologies
    Generally, the development of programmed learning aims to computerize teaching, by structuring information, testing learners’ knowledge, and providing immediate feedback to learners, without human intervention other than in the design of the hardware and software and the selection and loading of content and assessment questions. Computers with projectors as auxiliary and programs such as powerpoint are useful in computer technologies.
  • Social Media

    Social Media
    Although social media is a sub-category of computer technology, it is worth categorizing social media separately for its development in educational technology. It covers various technologies such as blogs, wikis, video sharing websites, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook. Mobile phones and computers are generally used for access to social media.
  • A Paradigm Shift

    A Paradigm Shift
    "A paradigm shift" happens when usual ways of doing something changes significantly. It is visible that education has adopted and adapted technology for a long time. Invention of broadcasting has created completely a new technique for education.