History of Cyberpunk

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  • Blade Runner Is Released As The "Definitive Cyberpunk Film"

  • Period: to

    History of Cyberpunk

  • The Phrase "Cyberpunk" Is Created

  • Cyberpunk's Sub-Cultures Emerge

  • Cyberpunk Features On Cover Of TIME Magazine

    Byline Of: "Vitural sex, smart drugs and synthetic rock 'n' roll! A futuristic subculture erupts from the electronic underground"
    -----Time, 1993
  • Current & Future Cyberpunk Projects & Emergence

    - Matrix, Avatar, Total Recall, Tron: Legacy
    - Alif The Unseen, Amped, Robopocalypse
    - Shibuya, Tokyo
    - The Sony Centre, Berlin
    --------Chaplin, 2007