history of compupers

Timeline created by magentastevens12
  • First computer

    First computer
    Charles Babbage invented the first computer. They were made for ww1, sending messages.
  • First Transistor computer

    First Transistor computer
    it was made in 1955
  • First computer game

    First computer game
    It was created by a guy named Alexandra S. Douglas.
  • First mouse

    First mouse
    it was made in the 1960s.
  • Internet Internet

    Internet Internet
    it was made in 1969
  • First email

    First email
    it was sent in 1972
  • Netflix

    Netflix was founded by Marc Randolph.It was made for people to watch films and tv programms that they wanted to catch up on.
  • xbox

    It is owned by Microsoft Corporation.
  • Linkin

    The site is avaliable for 20 languages such as english, french, german, italien, portuguese, spanish, dutch, swedish, danish, romanian, russian, turkish, japanse, czech, polish, korean, indonesia, malay and tagalog.
  • Facebook

    facebook was made by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roomates. It is an online social networking service. It was made for people to socialize on the internet.
  • youtube

    youtube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen,Jawe Karim.It was made for people to look at clips of people doing things.
  • Twitter

    It was launched in 2006 july.it was created by jack dorsey, evan williams, biz stone, noah glass.
  • Wii

    The game designer was Shigera Miyamoto.It was made to entertain the family and play games and keep you a bit fit.
  • first iphone

    first iphone
    It was marketed by apple.it was made for people to use it where ever they go.
  • Ipad

    The developer of the ipads was apple.it was made for the same thing as the iphone but people usually play games and use it as a laptop.
  • Google+

    it's the 5th largest social networking site.
  • Artifical legs for dogs

    Artifical legs for dogs
    These legs allow dogs to run about and do physical actions again instead of putting them down and not letting be able to live their life.
  • First digital mirror

    First digital mirror
    This is a mirror that records everything you do infront of it and it remembers you so if you don't know whta you look like from behind record yourself and you can also look at yourself in different colours of the outfit.
  • The right to be forgotten

    The right to be forgotten
    This is a case that the goverment are able to look at your private network accounts and see if you are not doing anything inappropriat.
  • sony cyber attack

    sony cyber attack
    North Korea attacked sony in the us and three companys have been caught doing this. But the North korean leader is denying that north korea had nothing to do with the sony cyber attack.
  • Snapchat

  • Exoskeletons

    This exoskeleton will be able to make people that are currently in a wheelchair to be able to walk, jump, run and lots more physical actions.
  • Mercedies Benz

    Mercedies Benz
    This is a car that drives itrself andthe people in the front can turn their seat so they can talk to the people in the back.