History of Collage entrance exams (China & U.S.)

By cbatx23
  • Period: to

    SAT History

  • TheCollage Entrance Exam Board was forme

    Set up bu twelve college presidents their task was to standarize the collage entrance test.
  • First Collage Entrance Exams were given

    The Collage Entance test was first given in 1901, in SA format.
  • Carl C. Brigham administers his own objective version of the Army test

    Carl dministers his own objective version of the Army test to Princeton freshmen as well as to applicants to Cooper Union, an all-scholarship technical college in New York City.
  • The College Board then puts him in charge of a committee to develop a nwe NCEE

    He is now know for his test and is put in charge of a test.
  • First SAT is given

    Carl and his group finish his test and it becomes the SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test, or Scholastic Aptitude Test.
  • SAT goes to Harvard

    Before the SAT trying to get into Harvard was based on many other things, besides a test score. So, in 1933 Harvard made it a requirement that all students trying to get in must take.
  • Period: to

    NCEE of China or GaoKao

  • People's Republic of China

    Modern College's were moving into china, so this group of people were formed to start up collages and make the National Collage Entance Exam and that is what they did. So that way all people would have a fair chance of getting into collage, the goverment set up this group. This is also when the first test comes out.
  • Verbal version of SAT comes out

  • SAT widespread

    The SAT is so widespread now that students taking it pass half a million every year.
  • Start of The Cultural Revolution

    he Chinese Communist Party (CCP) issues the May 16 notice announcing the start of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution lead by Mao Zedong.
  • Beijing University denouncing school leaders

    collages start closing and children are moved into country-sides to work.
  • Down to the Countryside Movement

    Down to the Countryside Movement" begins with hundreds of thousands of purged cadres sent to rural areas for re-education.
  • Education re-opening

    universities started to “come back to life” and people started attending them, but entrance was based on political and family background, and not a test.
  • Mao Zedong dies

    When he died people started making changes to the education system to help it reform.
  • End of the Cultural Revolution

  • NCEE of China is continued

    Deng Xiaoping, then under Hua Guofeng resumed the NCEE and finally collage was based on academics, so then till this day the NCEE has resumed in china.
  • NCEE is bak where it was

    n that time the examination was uniformly designed by the Ministry of Education, and all the students across the country took the exact same examination, and education was finally getting back to where it was.
  • Government let provinces design their own examinations

    Recently the government has been letting provinces to design their own examinations. Also, now most places in china stick to the 3+x rule where on the test they take three main subjects Math, English, and Chinese then another subject which students get to chose. Over 10 million take the test and only about 6.5 million make it in.