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History of cell phones

By 846833
  • Cells for mobile phones

    Cells for mobile phones
    The cells that were created for phones looked like this but they are spred out across the land.
  • Period: to

    History of cell phones time line

  • Comercial cellular network

    Comercial cellular network
    Commercial cell phone networks like T-mobile were made
  • Nokia's First mobile phone

    Nokia's First mobile phone
    Nokia released their first mobile phone that looked some what simmilar to this one.
  • Introdution of 2G technolgy

    Introdution of 2G technolgy
    The phones in the picture are all 2g phones. 2G
  • Introduction of Texing

    Introduction of Texing
    Text messaging was introduced and very few people had it availible to them.
  • Commrecial texting

    Commrecial texting
    Texting became avalible to commercial networks and their costomers
  • Introduction of bluetooth

    Introduction of bluetooth
    Bluetooth technolgy was inveted and avalible to the public
  • Introduction of blackberries

    Introduction of blackberries
    Blackberries began being produced and looked alot different than they do now
  • Introduction of smart phones

    Introduction of smart phones
    Smart phones were phones that included things some what simmilar of a P.D.A.
  • Music Cell phone

    Music Cell phone
    They created a phone that could play any music you downloaded on to it with the music controls built in.