Best phones 2010

History of Cell Phones

  • Space Waves

    space wavesA chemist, Michael Faraday starts researching that there is a possibility that space can conduct electricity
  • Telegraph

    The very first trans-Atlantic telegraph was established
  • Federal Communications Commision

    FCCCongress creates FCC, most channels reserved for emergency and government use.
  • Radio-Car Phones

    AT&T comes out with the first radio-car phones but could only be used on highway between Boston and New York
  • Mobile phone system

    Mobile phone system
    AT&T is first company to have the modern-day mobile-phone system
  • Lobbyist Win win with the FCC in getting a window scpecifically for the cell-phone
  • Cellular Plan

    Cellular Plan
    AT&T develops own cellular plan for Chicago
  • Cell-Phone Testing

    Cell-phone testing is permitted in Chicago