History of Canon Cameras

  • History of Cannon Cameras

    History of Cannon Cameras
  • EOS- 650

    EOS- 650
    The EOS-650 was developed in March of 1987. The company of Canon was founded by Takeshi Mitarai, Takeo Maeda, Saburo Uchida, Goro Yoshida. This camera was very popular and its lenses added bigger pictures and quicker focusing.
  • EOS DCS 3 (first digital EOS camera)

    EOS DCS 3 (first digital EOS camera)
    This camera a had a price of 12,000, euro, it opened up a new door in the EOS story by giving people the advantage to develop images straight out of the camera, also known as the first polaroid. The camera was invented in a partnership wit Kodak which made all of the lenses accessible.
  • EOS-1Ds – Full frame CMOS

    EOS-1Ds – Full frame CMOS
    This model of Canon cameras allowed wider and more detailed pictures. It allowed the same number of pixels but on a larger space, and it allowed higher quality of the pictures.
  • EOS-1Ds Mark II – 16.7 Megapixels

     EOS-1Ds Mark II – 16.7 Megapixels
    This camera created a stronger depth in color and a better processor. The previous camera had a zoom of 3x unlike the Mark II, it can zoom up to 10x. The new LCD monitor has double the amount of pixels of what the previous camera had.
  • EOS 350D

    EOS 350D
    This eight megapixel camera brought new EOS technologies to the buyers of the camera, it includes professional architecture and of DIGIC II and the flash exposure capabilities of E TTL II. The high speed of the camera gave buyers the chance to use the full capabilities of the EOS camera.
  • EOS-1D Mark III

    EOS-1D Mark III
    Many years after the creation of Canon, the Mark III was released with the fastest speed. It had the record of the fasted speed in 2007. In the 20 years of Canon Cameras, the Mark III is still one of the best cameras ever made by Canon.