History of Animations

Timeline created by anna.beavers
  • Edison's Kinetoscope

    Edison's Kinetoscope
    Thomas Edison invented the kinetoscope which could project a fifty foot long length of film in about 13 seconds.
  • Thomas Armat's Vitascope

    Thomas Armat's Vitascope
    Thomas Armat invetned the vitascope that was used to project Thoams Edison's films.
  • The First Animated Film

    The First Animated Film
    J. Stuart Blackton made the first animated film. He drew funny faces on a blackboard and flimed them. Once he filmed one face he would erase it adn draw another and film it. When he played the film it appeared as if the face was changing.
  • Printing Backgrounds of Animation

    Printing Backgrounds of Animation
    John R. Bray applies a technique for amination being the process of printing the backgrounds of the animation.
  • Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio

    Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio
    Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio is founded by Walt and Roy Disney.