History Of Animation

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In Film
  • Creation of magic lantern

    An image displaying device often for movie theaters
  • First version of animation

    They made a cardboard wheel with an object or animal moving slightly every frame.
  • Improved animation wheel

    Using a hollow drum and spinning to make an animation
  • First successful film

  • Humorous phase

    Marks the first entirely animated film, using stop-motion
    photo's to create actions'.
  • Hand drawn animation

    First ever hand drawn animations, considered by historians the first cartoons.
  • Remake of The Sinking of Lusitania

  • One of the first know series'.

    Out Of the Inkwell
  • Mickie's 3rd film

    Micky mouse's most popular animation clip, often an opeing to Disney movies.
  • Snow White and The seven Dwarfs

    Even though it wasn't their first published film, it was their first world wide, Hollywood style release.