History of animation

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  • phenakitstoscope

    Two men constructed the phenakitoscope in 1931. It was a circular disk with small pictures on the outide of it. When you spun it at the correct speed, it displayed a moving picture.
  • kinetoscope

    Thomas edison made a 50 foot long film, that projected about 13 seconds of animation.
  • cinematograph

    louis and augistine lummiere make a cinematograph able to produce animation
  • Little nemo

    Little nemo
    Winsor McKay makes a short film using a character "Little Nemo"
  • Felix the cat

    Felix the cat
    The first american cartoon, "Felix the cat," was created.
  • Disney studios

    Disney studios
    Walt and roy disney create Disney animation Studios, and in 1928, their first film, "Stemboat willie was created.